For more than 45 years, LOGOS has partnered with local churches in a ministry to children and youth that is based upon the spiritual intent of the early Christian church as expressed in the Bible's book of Acts. FPC's LOGOS program is composed of four parts that are integrated within a nurturing environment of Christian relationships.


Recreation allows LOGOS young people to experience great fun at the expense of no one else. We participate in games and active play, do crafts, and more. When we reveal ourselves in play, we strengthen friendships, and when conflicts occur, we practice our Child of God theology.

Worship Skills

Worship is essential and central to the Christian community. In Worship Skills, young people learn about worship an what it means to worship God in different ways. 

Bible Study

Bible study nurtures youth and children into intelligent, and biblically-informed discipleship. In grade level groups, each LOGOS class uses a curriculum that is designed to meet their unique needs and learning capabilities through stories drama, crafts and more.

Family Time

Family Time provides a joyous, inter-generational celebration of God's children over a shared meal as LOGOS young people experience being part of the family of God. All ages of LOGOS participants are assigned to a table with two adults from the congregation who act as "table parents." The group around the table becomes a family as they share meals together throughout the year. After dinner, children and their table parents join in one last fun activity before heading home.

Logos registration form -This link will take you to the registration form. You can print the registration form to fill out ahead of time.