D-Groups (Dinner Groups) are Back!
September 22, 2018

Looking to meet other adults of the church in an informal, casual atmosphere?

D-Groups (Dinner Groups) are Back!

 What is it? Small dinner gatherings for 6-8 adults of the church for the sole purpose of fellowship and becoming better acquainted with fellow adults in our church family. Each group will be multi-generational and will try to meet once a month from October thru May. Your group will set their own dates. Even if you know you are going to be gone for a few months, still feel free to sign up!

Who is it? Open to all adult couples or singles (significant others are welcome). You need not sign up with a partner. Group members take turns hosting, with the host providing the main course and beverages, and other members bringing salad, vegetable, bread, or dessert. And yes, Dillons can do your cooking! Worried about lack of space in your home? Then a restaurant is a great alternative!

When is it? A kick-off potluck gathering will be held Sunday evening, September 30 at 5:30, in Fellowship Hall. At this time, you will find out the individuals in your group. Bring your calendar so your group can set its first date. If you cannot be present for the kick-off, someone in your group will contact you.

How do I sign up? Please complete the registration form below and return it to the church office by Sunday, September 23. You will receive information prior to the potluck, designating a type of dish to bring.

Questions? Please contact Terri McQueen at 620-664-7731 or


D-GROUP REGISTRATION please return this form to the church office by Sunday, September 23.

Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:________________________________________________________

Will you be able to attend the potluck on Sunday, September 30? _______