Laundry Love
October 05, 2018

Help Needed in Building Relationships

The first Tuesday of each month Giant Laundry at 5th and Adams participates in a ministry called “LAUNDRY LOVE”, a national program. Many come in the evening to wash their clothes for free.

In March, two Circle Leaders started to build relationships with participants as they wash. The Circle Leaders plan to bring cookies in April and by June hope to hand out personal hygiene items.

There is a basket by the east entrance to collect items such as travel size shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mini brushes and combs, razors for men and women and feminine hygiene items (pads and tampons). If it is easier to give a cash donation or check (made out to Beth Southern) please leave it with Robbie in the office.

Because of budding relationships, stories have been gathered and some will be shared at a Poverty Taskforce “Frontline Training for Churches” starting May 30. Thank you for opening your hearts and for your contributions