Church on Mission
August 09, 2017

Making a Difference: Putting Our Faith Into Action

It was so good to have Darla Fisher join us at First Presbyterian to speak to us about making a difference and how our partnership with them at Lincoln School has had an impact in the whole community.

So if you didn’t make it along to church on Sunday you will have missed the challenge that I put to everyone. On Sunday, August 13, there will be our usual 8:15am worship in the chapel but there will not be a 10:30am worship service. Instead, our Mission Committee wants anyone who is able to join us at Lincoln School at 8am to weed, paint and generally tidy up the school grounds in preparation for school starting that next week. We will also paint a house that Interfaith Housing has been working on just a block away from the school.

So no matter what age you are we can find a job for you. It could be as part of the house painting crew or sweeping, weeding the playground and walkways, or painting soccer posts and railings. It may be handing out water to the volunteers or helping us cook hot dogs for everyone when we finish.

Our hope is to work until 11:30am, have our hot dogs and head for home, a good shower and put our feet up! We are so pleased that a few people from the Lincoln neighborhood will join us to have the school looking great for the beginning of term.

This is a wonderful opportunity to really be the hands and feet of Jesus, to get out of our pews and leave

the church and become the church in action.


Email Keith at to sign up for the following:

·House painting

·Painting soccer goals and railings

·Sweeping the area around the kids’ activity play area

·Removing weeds from the sidewalk, car parking area and the entrance to the school.

Our goal is to have 100 volunteers making a difference on that Sunday morning. Sign up and be one of our 100 workers.

Thank you.